About Carolyn Fox - FoxDen Images

Carolyn Fox, who owns FoxDen Images with her husband Bruce, specializes in fine art, stock & editorial photography.  Favorite subjects are wildlife and nature with an emphasis on conservation and environmental photography. Carolyn has written 3 books & has been published in the United States & Internationally.  

Most photos on this site are available for licensing for personal or commercial use and most are available for sale as prints, cards, gift items, etc. If you don't find the photo you're looking for, don't despair, because we have many other photos available & are also avvailable for assignment work.  Our number one priority is to provide you with beautiful and unique images that will add pleasure to your life or help set your business apart from your competitors.

Our first love is nature & wildlife photography, but we do much more than that. You'll find many photos here from Yellowstone National Park, because we enjoy photographing the bears, wolves, elk, coyotes, eagles, etc. and the beautiful Yellowstone landscapes & geological features.  You'll also find photos of old buildings, antique musical instruments, Missouri, Kansas, Montana & Idaho landscapes, surfers & landscapes from Hawaii, food, objects & even photos of people doing interesting things.

One reason I love photography is that I can give others a glimpse of what I love and help them appreciate the world that we all share.  In some small way, perhaps my photos will encourage others to treasure and protect our wildlife and the places where they live.

You can see more pictures at http://carolyn-fox.pixels.com


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